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Starts: 17 January 2022

About the Course

This 1 week course takes place at Nu Boyana Film Studios, one of the leading film studios in Europe, where action stars and their stunt teams have filmed 100s of powerful fight scenes in franchises like The Expendables, Olympus Has Fallen, and Hitman’s Bodyguard. Aside from having an unforgettable experience for both the mind and body, those who complete the course will gain the professional combat skills that can help forge them a career in film and television.

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You will learn

  • Film fighting techniques 
  • Hits and reactions 
  • Hand to hand combat including knife 
  • Sword work with and without shield 
  • Pistol work and disarming 
  • Throws and Falls 
  • Working action for camera 
  • On-set etiquette 


  • Instructors with vast martial arts and film experience
  • Set in a studio, with full access to sets to learn, practice and film in the real environment of the stars
  • Access to all aspects of learning avenues of the film industry included alongside stunts
  • Access to Stunt Coordinators, Actors, Directors, and Producers who will give talks and advice seminars during the course
  • Amazing value for money that can’t be found anywhere else globally


The course is suitable for everyone already working or wanting to enter the film industry. The only requirements is that you’re physically & mentally healthy. 

The first day of training starts January 17th and the last one – January 21th. 

The trainings will take place on Monday – Friday, from 9AM to 5PM

Accommodation is not included, but there are plenty of hotels in the area, as well as apartments available through AirBnB and We can recommend Jasmin Hotel.

Additional information about the Jasmin Hotel:


Address: Boulevard "Simeonovsko Shose 252, 1434 Simeonovo - Sever, Sofia

Yes, insurance is included in the cost of the course.

You can expect courses on other popular skills required of stunt performers in the near future.

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There’s a reason we need to have trained stunt people to work in film doing fight scenes, roll away from explosions, and jump off of high surfaces. We have taken the utmost care to cover all aspects of safety – including:

  • A fully qualified certified medic will be on stand by for the full duration of the course
  • Insurance in place for all attendees
  • All activities coached and supervised by an experienced coach
  • All weapons used will be non-firing and soft without sharp edges
  • Mats and pads will be used to protect people within the fight scenes when required
  • Suitable safe environment used for all classes
  • Declaration and fit to attend forms to be signed by all students

We offer a full range of world-class production and post-production services, with English-speaking, highly experienced technicians and crews and state-of-the-art equipment, all at very competitive prices. Our resources, technology and expertise can bring your ideas to life across any kind of audio-visual project, including features, TV series and documentaries, commercials, music videos and etc.

Nu Boyana Film Studios are owned by one of the longest-running independent film companies in Hollywood, Nu Image and Millennium Media, and over the years we’ve serviced hundreds of feature films, including big-budget movies like Rambo V, Hellboy, Angel Has Fallen, The Hitman’s Bodyguard, Criminal, The Expendables 1, 2 and 3, London Has Fallen, 300: The The Rise Of An Empire, The Black Dahlia, Killing Season, Conan, The Way Back and Kon-Tiki.

You can find more info on:

The studio is situated on the outskirts of the Vitosha Mountain, Sofia Bulgaria.

The full address of the studio is:
84 Kumata Street,
Cinema Center Boyana,
Sofia, Bulgaria


The closest airport is Sofia Airport (SOF) - a large international airport, connected to all parts of the world with high-end and low-budget airlines. There are two separate terminals of the airport, relatively close, but not within walking distance of each other. Check your ticket!

If you go for the single or shared accommodation package, there will be arranged transport to and from the Studio every day.

Otherwise, you can get to the studios by public transport or by taxi. Bus number 64 is the only public transport that goes directly to the studios. If you’d like to take a taxi, we recommend one of the options below:

Yellow Taxi – +359 2 911 19
OK Taxi – +359 2 973 21 21
Mega Taxi - +359 2 973 21 2

Sofia is an ancient and multicultural city with hidden gems around every corner. We highly recommend taking the Free Sofia Tour, if you’ve never been to the city before!

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You can send us an email at:

Email: [email protected]

Call: Stunt School Coordinator Genko Genchev at: +359 882 903 923

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